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h2-248x300What started out as a bit of a hobby, about 35 years ago, had turned into an obsession and now into a business!!! We took over all of the retail operations of a very popular brand of cigars that is dedicated to helping the families of fallen police officers, first responders and service people. We are now filling these orders here at CigarVet, so that Tom can concentrate on the wholesale market as he continues to grow his brand.

I was 17 years old and volunteering at my local volunteer fire department. After a call, the older guys would oftentimes grab a cigar and sit at the firehouse bar. Yes, back then you could actually smoke inside!!!! I was invited to sit with them and never looked back. I took a job that had me outdoors most of the day, so enjoying a good cigar or sometimes a not so good one, was easy. As I grew older, most of my friends became police officers, firefighters or medics, or joined the military. I was still volunteering at the firehouse and had a pretty good job, so I rode that wave for 33 years!!!! But there was always one constant. SUPPORT. The support my friends showed each other throughout the years, I was envious of. When there was a police function, or fire department function, hundreds if not thousands showed up. And even though I was always welcomed, I always felt like an outsider, and have no real reason for that, except my own inhibitions.

Well, now I am a part of these families. I’ve been to police week, FOP conventions, fire department conventions and have made some great friends along the way. And now I am continuing that work, right here, at CigarVet.com. What I will miss the most about the live events, I will surely make up by providing contributions to the charities that mean the most to me. And right now, that charity is Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers. So take a peak at what we have going on, if you previously shopped at LOD Cigars, now you will be shopping here for the same great products.

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